Jess Glynne – Take Me Home (Tiesto Remix) (WEB) (2015)

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Jess Glynne - Take Me Home (Tiesto Remix) (WEB) (2015)

Jess Glynne was always destined to be more than a featured artist. Past inaugural chart toppers ‘My Love‘ and ‘Rather Be,’ the UK songstress used the road to debut album I Cry When I Laugh to show life past the world of crossover records whilst never totally shunning them. With the LP still making leaps and bounds, the London talent calls upon Dutch heavyweight Tiësto to take latest single ‘Take Me Home’ for official remix duties, taking the standout voice back onto the dance floor once again.

Landing of the heels of ‘Wombass‘ alongside Oliver Heldens and a collaborative debut mix for Beats 1, Tiësto approaches the emotively charged single with a more intricate and dialled back take on his big room etiquette. Without stripping the epic instrumentation that made the Children In Need hit so appealing first time around, the addition of a steady kick paired with soft melodic sweeps and additional string work goes along way, proving that Tiësto’s ability to engage the masses is yet to fall flat.


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