Tiesto 2005-05-15 @ Palace Dance Club (Siofok, HU)


Tiesto 2005-05-15 Palace Dance Club (Siofok, HU) Flyer 1

Tiesto 2005-05-15 Palace Dance Club (Siofok, HU) Flyer 2

Tiesto 2005-05-15 @ Palace Dance Club (Siofok, HU)


The lake- shore of the oldest and best club in your Palace this year celebrates its 15 th anniversary . As a result of the previous years also megszokottaknál more names start to this season . The opening party will be held the weekend of Pentecost , May 14-15. was the home of the most prestigious DJs spin the decks . The real surprise of the party have been chosen as the world’s best DJ ‘s on several occasions Dutch disc jockey , DJ Tiesto ‘s set promises . Tiesto on Sunday evening, May 15 enters behind the turntables , where a few days before the party on In Search of Sunrise 4 mixalbumának fans will rejoice with an exclusive album release .

DJ Tiesto – Palace Grand Opening Party

But the line-up of many more actors in party arcból elicit pleasant tingling sensation , if only the summers behind us átbulizott nights come to mind , especially in a villa on the biggest names …

– Sterbinszky (H ) exclusive album release party the 14th, 15th warmup
– SHANE 54 (H ) LAPTOP special DJ set on the 15th
– In (H ) are the wonderful ‘Blue Night’ 14 – s …
– Newlon (H ) with the progressive style lovers pöröghetnek 15th
– Tommyboy (H ) who is familiar with your music , I can count on 130 % of the rhythm … I – 15
– LAUER (H ) is home to the light house beats master … 14 … and resident host of Toto Jr. and Luke pamper the discerning ear for music !

Tickets can be purchased for sale:
http://palace.tiesto.hu , http://www.palace.hu

The event can be said as a pioneer , trying to strengthen the party culture here so far , unfortunately, unknown foundations for several reasons : The event is limited, the new 30,000 watt Nyi JBL sound system, a fast-track entry to the exclusive online ticket shop in a row to avoid jobs , Dutch MAGIK Muzik Merchandise Shop and have a lot of surprises , for young people !

Could find all information related to the opening party at the Palace.hu web site, but if you have any questions or comments , write to the info@palace.hu palace@tiesto.hu or e- mail addresses , or call the info line on the opening party 06 70 The Number 310-5660 .

Automatic Information: 06 30 293 8029 , by dialing the phone number from which you can choose keys and you learn everything from the Palace this summer to know about item 6 below!

Booking : 06 30 322 0078


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