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Tiesto - AFTR HRS Vol.1 (WEB) (2016)

Tiesto - AFTR HRS Vol.1 (WEB) (2016)


December 23, 2016

Today, Grammy Award-winning DJ/producer Tiësto released the first compilation album off his deep house label, AFTR:HRS. The album, AFTR:HRS – Mixed By Tiësto, premiered yesterday on SiriusXM and is now available across all streaming and digital retail platforms.

The album was curated and mixed by Tiësto, who selected 14 tracks that epitomize what his label is about. It features a range of deep house artists from breaking to established, including Sultan + Shepard, Alex Schulz, MOGUAI, CamelPhat and Baggi. The AFTR:HRS – Mixed By Tiësto album as well as the AFTR:HRS label are both passion projects for the dance music icon, born out of his love for the deeper, softer side of dance music.

Listen to the AFTR:HRS – Mixed By Tiësto compilation by visiting, https://aftrhrs.lnk.to/MixedByTiesto!RTST, and be sure to check out all the amazing artists that will be featured on the album via the track list below.

Purchase: https://aftrhrs.lnk.to/MixedByTiesto!RTST

AFTR:HRS – Mixed By Tiësto Track List:

01. Nuits D'Etoiles - Un Autre Monde feat. Noémie
02. Niklas Ibach - The Blues feat. Dan Reeder
03. Florian Paetzold - Easy
04. Autograf - Heartbeat (Alex Schulz Remix)
05. Sultan + Shepard - Walls feat. Quilla (Deeper Shades Remix)
06. Benny Camaro - Las Dos Lunas
07. Ferreck Dawn - Mad Love
08. Loud Luxury & Ryan Shepard - Something To Say
09. One Day Hero - Momentuum (MOGUAI Remix)'
10. Florian Paetzold - Love Will Never Do
11. BLR - Nungwi
12. Baggi - Time Painter feat. Sylvia Tosun (Dub Mix)
13. CamelPhat - Raabta
14. Tiësto - Back In The Days

01. Nuits d'Etoiles - Un Autre Monde (feat. Noemie) [AFTR:HRS Mixcut] [4:24]
02. Niklas Ibach - The Blues (feat. Dan Reeder) [AFTR:HRS Mixcut] [2:23]
03. Florian Paetzold - Easy (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [4:12]
04. Autograf - Heartbeat (Alex Schulz Remix) [AFTR:HRS Mixcut] [2:52]
05. Sultan + Shepard - Walls (feat. Quilla) [Deeper Shades Mix] [AFTR:HRS Mixcut] [4:41]
06. Benny Camaro - Las Dos Lunas (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [4:41]
07. Ferreck Dawn - Mad Love (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [4:02]
08. Loud Luxury & Ryan Shepherd - Something to Say (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [4:41]
09. One Day Hero - Momentuum (Moguai Remix) [AFTR:HRS Mixcut] [4:56]
10. Florian Paetzold - Love Will Never Do (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [4:10]
11. BLR - Nungwi (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [3:54]
12. Baggi - Time Painter (feat. Sylvia Tosun) [Dub Mix] [AFTR:HRS Mixcut] [4:41]
13. CamelPhat - Raabta (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [6:14]
14. Tiësto - Back in the Days (AFTR:HRS Mixcut) [2:16]
15. Tiësto - AFTR:HRS, Vol. 1 (Continuous Mix) [58:13]

About Tiësto:
With a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, Tiësto remains one of the top dance music acts in the world. Revered for his live shows as well as for his production and remix work, Tiësto is a globally celebrated DJ that has been named “The Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mixmag and the #1 DJ by Rolling Stone. Through revolutionary moments such as being the first DJ to open the Olympic Games and headlining festivals like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic, Tomorrowland, Ultra and more, he has helped pave the way for today’s modern music landscape. His 2014 album, A Town Called Paradise, yielded Tiësto his first platinum single in the United States with “Wasted” [featuring Matthew Koma] and his first gold single “Red Lights.” In February 2015, Tiësto was awarded a Grammy® in the Best Remixed Recording, Non Classical category for his remix of John Legend’s “All Of Me.” This was Tiësto’s first Grammy® Award and second Grammy® nomination.


アフターアワーズのミックスがついに来ました。オープニングのUn Autre Mondeで心地よくスタートしラスト二曲のRaabta~ティエスト自信のBack in the Daysでクローズ。
Back in the Daysがタイトル通り哀愁の漂う名曲。

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