Tiesto – Search for Paradise (2014)


Tiesto - Search for Paradise

Tiesto - Search for Paradise(1)

Tiesto - Search for Paradise Banner

Tiesto – Search for Paradise (2014)


Win a trip to New York to party with Tiesto at the album launch party for ‘A Town Called Paradise’! Be the first to reveal the cover art for A Town Called Paradise by joining the Search for Paradise!

Your mission is to locate Tiesto’s new album artwork in Las Vegas using Google Streetview. Simply navigate across the Nevada Desert and look for the red dot!

Use the Radar to check how close you are. Make sure your sound is on as the music will get louder the closer you get! You can also preview a brand new Tiesto track as you close in on the album artwork!

There are three levels and three covers, the final being the album art for
A Town Called Paradise.

Find them all and have fun! Remember to share the artwork at the end for a chance to win a once in a lifetime trip!


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