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Win tickets to see Tiesto @ Hakkasan Las Vegas (2014)

Win tickets to see Tiesto Hakkasan Las Vegas (2014) Banner

Check out the last episode from this season of In The Booth: tsto.co/lcfoa. This episode is about the amazing launch party in NYC for my new album ‘A Town Called Paradise’ where I played a 3 hour set and had many of the singers from the album perform live! It’s a perfect episode to wrap up a great season. Until next season! #7X7UP #Inthebooth

*WIN HAKKASAN TICKETS* by posting a picture of your favorite Tiesto moment to Instagram with #InTheBooth #7x7UP

Rules and contest info: http://tiesto.com/tiesto-moment-in-the-booth-with-tiesto-contest-official-rules/

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