Tiesto 2015-10-08 @ Ask Me Anything


Tiesto 2015-10-08 AskTiesto

Tiesto 2015-10-08 Ask Me Anything

Tiesto 2015-10-08 Q&A with Tiesto

@tiesto what is your go-to drink? #AskTiesto

.@312alamiO @7UP of course! #AskTiësto #7x7Up

Had an awesome time tweeting with you all! Thanks for your great questions. #AskTiesto #7x7UP
#AskTiësto @tiesto what’s your wish for your music for 2016?

.@PlNKWIFI I hope everyone enjoys it as much as they have in the past. #AskTiësto

@tiesto why are you speaking in third person? #AskTiësto

.@Ste_Bolton Because Tiesto is a part of me. I’ll tell him you said hi lol #AskTiësto

Mangia Queen |20:05|1d
@tiesto #AskTiesto Before you going on stage, what is your good luck?

.@CMangialomini I love to hang around with fun people #AskTiësto

George Hoey : DJ1d
@tiesto when you produce music, what inspires you the most? #AskTiësto

.@crwnmusic Day to day things that happen in my life and also the people I collaborate with #AskTiësto #7x7Up

Devin Hogue1d
@tiesto what’s your favorite type of venue to play at!? #AskTiesto

.@DevinHogue I love massive stadiums AND small intimate clubs. #AskTiësto

goo.gl/7kifqw tiesto who is the biggest legend of dance music for you? #AskTiësto

.@ShaniaSuperlove It is hard to say just one. It is like asking what is your favorite festival! #AskTiësto

Dr. Gore1d
why you make as many edits ? @tiesto #AskTiësto

.@unicornzombie11 Some songs just need a little Tiesto touch but not full production, so that’s why it is called a Tiesto edit #AskTiësto

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you? @tiesto #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@Whitnichole_ Becoming Tiesto! #AskTiësto

who was your biggest influence in life that lead you into turning a dj? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@gaberoberta My mom. She has always supported me. #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

How long does it normally take to develop a song? #AskTiësto @tiesto

.@Lakosaaa It totally depends. There are so many variables. Between 4 hours and 40 hours! #AskTiësto

Üruguayan Krew1d
What is your favourite colour? @tiesto #AskTiësto

.@KrewellaURU Red & Turquoise #AskTiësto

#AskTiesto How do you feel when you’re on stage? @tiesto

.@aguscorreaaaa On another planet! #NaturalHigh #AskTiësto

7UP 1d
We’re halfway through our #AskTiësto Q&A! See if @Tiesto has answered your burning questions here: bit.ly/ask-tiesto #7x7UP

Which one is your favorite @tiesto album? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@TiestoTalk I like them all because they each represent me at a certain period of my life. #AskTiësto

What’s one of your favorite things about meeting your fans? @tiesto @7UP #AskTiësto

.@Whitnichole_ I get real feedback on my always changing music #AskTiësto

#AskTiesto #AskTiësto @tiesto do you get nervous when your about to play in front of a big audience?

.@AlinaLaste Not nervous but I do get very excited #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

@tiesto what musicians inspired you to go into the EDM scene when you first started? #AskTiesto

.@patrickjmedlen @pauloakenfold, Rob Janssen, Gizmo, & Sven Vath #AskTiësto

@tiesto @7UP At what age did you realize this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life #AskTiësto

.@SketchyYovani Since 14 but I never thought I would make a career out of it. I considered it a hobby and I still do. #AskTiësto

Dani González1d
What was your favourite festival this summer? Congrats with Theshotby7up, you give the chance to young deejays. #AskTiesto @tiesto

.@danigonza_95 I love them all. Festival season is my favorite season. #AskTiësto #7x7Up

Eoin Green1d
@tiesto what’s your favourite dance song of all time ? Adagio ? 😏 #AskTiësto #AskTiesto

.@The_GreenBean Yes! #AskTiësto

Fave ice cream? (or dessert?) @tiesto #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@djparfaiti Green tea ice cream #AskTiësto

Kelly S. 3d
I heard your involved in a new show that trains people to be DJs. What is it? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@kds38 Yes. It is called @yourshotusa and make sure you sign up for the next season! #AskTiësto

7UP 1d
We’re halfway through our #AskTiësto Q&A! See if @Tiesto has answered your burning questions here: bit.ly/ask-Tiesto #7x7UP

First of all, lots of respect for Tijs! Do have in mind on experimenting with a genre besides edm? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@KeresoMusic No but there is a lot of experimenting for me to do within dance music. I just did a track with @Yellowclaw as well #AskTiësto

#AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto @tiesto What is the craziest thing that do you do whith Martin Garrix?

.@wolf9_f We ran into @davidguetta’s dock with a boat #AskTiësto

After our marriage we were separated > a year bc visa then I got cancer. Do u realize yer music heals? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@TiestoTattooGrl I didn’t but that is amazing to hear. I appreciate the kind words #AskTiësto

Athena Smith2d
What’s your favorite dance move? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@allathena Whip/Nae Nae LOL #AskTiësto

Hello, Tiesto!:) What attribute young artists should have that you want to produce or collab with them? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@DariaMots It could be anything as long as it’s different from what I do. #AskTiësto

emily +x2d
What was it like to sit down and work with @MartinGarrix knowing you inspired him to be who he is and do what he does? #AskTiësto @tiesto

.@GarrixW It was amazing, of course! He is so energetic and creative. He reminds me of me when I was 19. #AskTiësto

Sarah Cho2d
Who is your favorite artist to collab with? 🔥 #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@ChoBaaby I loved working with Jane Zhang #AskTiësto

Larry Giuffra2d
@tiesto @7UP can you send me a tweet / video for my wedding next weekend?! #AskTiesto 10/17/15 #GiuffraWedding pic.twitter.com/TbWVYhznst

.@yet_another_day Hey Larry congrats on your wedding! My song suggestion is “Red Lights” #AskTiësto

I’ve been a fan of yours for the past 13years almost. As I love futbol, what club teams do you like? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@2MASF2 My hometown team is @NACnl and my favorite football team is the @Broncos #AskTiësto

7UP 1d
Can’t wait to see you there!! #7x7UP twitter.com/tiesto/status/…

What is the next music festival That you are stoked about?? @tiesto @7UP #AskTiesto

.@Breathemilyy I can’t wait to play at EDC Orlando on Nov 6th #7x7Up #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

Favorite snack to have while you’re going from country to country? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@hunterrrrrr cappuccinos!! #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@7UP #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto What has been your most memorable experience with a fan?

.@jessrp23 I showed up at a bbq of a fan in Holland. It was incredible. #AskTiësto #7x7Up

Aniket Gowda2d
What two things you did everyday to move your DJing career forward when you were a beginner DJ @tiesto @7UP #AskTiesto

.@AniketGowda Listen to a ton of different music and spend a lot of time n the studio. #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

Future projects you have with the winner of the competition #YourShotUSA @samtrakk #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@Tiesto_VZLA She is an amazing DJ that is going to do amazing things on her own! #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

#AskTiesto what is the best advice you can give for someone who just started out and wants to start playing at local clubs?

.@littleadorno You gotta hustle! #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

Are you coming out with any new song soon? #asktiësto @tiesto @7UP

.@wazzaythefirst Coming out with a new track soon together with @oliverheldens called “Wombass” #AskTiësto #7x7UP

Do you have any advice for upcoming producer #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@Merozey Awesome question! Try making something that hasn’t been done yet. #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

@tiesto @7UP What is your favorite track of the moment? #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

.@NahuelFontana30 Of my own tracks “Chemicals” w/ @dondiablo but I’m also listening to @1future #AskTiësto bit.ly/ask-tiesto

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We’re asking @Tiesto anything! Make sure you’re following us NOW! #AskTiësto #7x7UP bit.ly/ask-Tiesto pic.twitter.com/Jddan4kSHV

My Q&A with @7UP starts now! Ask my anything with #AskTiësto and follow along here: bit.ly/ask-Tiësto pic.twitter.com/DUCUDQN8gT

My #AskTiesto Q&A starts in just 2 hours! Can’t wait to answer all of your questions! #7x7UP bit.ly/ask-tiesto

Tiësto 2d
Hosting a live Q&A tomorrow with @7UP where you can ask me anything! Use #AskTiësto to submit your questions bit.ly/ask-tiesto

7UP 2d
Only ONE more day until #AskTiësto! You can submit your questions here: bit.ly/ask-tiesto #7x7UP pic.twitter.com/KSms17Vs9e


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